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Meet Colours – the Leeds based pop act with an eclectic line up fronted by Sophie Thiruchelvam on lead vocals, Krish Thiruchelvam (Middleman) on guitar and vocals & Colin Jennings (Streetwalkers, Medicine Head, Harvest Records) guitar/vocals and with Ben Sharp (drums) and Lee Smith (bass) holding down the rhythm section the line-up is complete.

Colours started recording 18 months ago, concentrating on writing material that would shape the bands’ musical direction. Slowly but surely this has evolved aided by producers Lee Smith (Easy Life, Lily Moore, New Model Army) and Jamie Lockhart of Greenmount Studios in Leeds.

Now that all the elements are in place, the band are preparing to release their anthemic debut single “HEALING”.


Colours are currently working on new tracks and were preparing for live shows when lockdown fell upon the live scene.  All involved have had extensive experience in live and recording work including appearances at or on SXSW, Montreaux Jazz Festival, Midem, Radio 1 and 2, Commercial Radio, and TV so with that joint experience, their aim is to make appearances something special.

There is wealth of “pop sensibility” in Colours material, coupled with the talents of Smith and Lockhart this will be band to watch.

The band will release their music on The Armley Project label based in Leeds with Sophie and Krish being a big part of its set up. They are distributed through via Universal Music Operations via Active Media.

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